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By Arsenic on Feb 25, 2017 at 5:13 PM
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    Over the last few weeks we’ve been looking at the prestige system, taking feedback from the community and changing it. We knew there were issues with it and you guys have been extremely helpful in explaining what you dislike. This means we’ve been able to modify it to something which is more enjoyable!

    We have rebalanced the requirements for prestiging to be less of a grind, but still a challenge. Also, we made the first three not gun specific but class specific (1000 assault kills rather than AK47 kills) thanks to the suggestion from @Ninja and @ELgamer. Another change is that we have now implemented the option to save your equipment, but at the cost of 5000 coins. Therefore if you’ve bought a load of guns and equipment it will save you coins in the long run by paying the fee when you prestige!

    As usual if you have any suggestions do post them in the gamemode's forum or if you found a bug then post it in the bug report forums. We do really appreciate your awesome continued support. Thanks!

    Here is the list of changes.
    • Improved progress feedback on all prestige requirements.​
    • Rebalanced prestige challenge requirements, using community suggestions.​
    • Added the option to keep equipment when prestiging.​
    • Changed the first few requirements from gun specific to class specific​
    • Added Health icon when healing with the medic pack.​
    • Added Glass break effect when you melee glass panes.​
    • Added new reload arm animation.​
    • Added "needed players" feedback to the join message of the chinook​
    • Improved resource pack to decrease failure rate​
    • Fixed the bug of reloading a pistol when it has a full mag.​
    • Fixed hand going down when trying to reload with full ammo / no ammo.​
    • Fixed claymore's been able to plant on long grass, double plants, leaves, dead bush and flowers.​
    • Fixed claymore's been placed carpet and snow.​
    • Fixed bouncing betty hitbox.​
    • Fixed 10th prestige in /exp.​
    • Fixed 10th prestige animation not playing.​
    • Fixed the "1xp" bug​
    • Fixed being able to knife your own team when the game starts​
    • Fixed bug with teamchat​

    - Arsenic
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Arsenic, Feb 25, 2017.

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