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By Arsenic on Oct 1, 2017 at 4:07 PM
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    Hey guys,

    Firstly, I have to thank you all for being so patient whilst we work on creating a much improved dynamic spawning system. The feedback I’ve received already is very positive and we are glad that you enjoy it so much!

    IP Banner no bg.png

    The biggest change in this update is moving from 1.9 to 1.12. As soon as the new blocks were announced we knew those were perfect for our maps. Coupled with the increase of bugs appearing in newer versions (and the wool textures changing), we felt it was about time to get back up to date! Therefore, the server now runs in 1.12.1 and above with all the glorious new blocks!


    Another arrival is Enderrr, the reward vendor. At the end of the season, Enderrr will give out rewards based on your position and contribution to your clan. To see your clan position, open up the Clan App in your hotbar and select “Leaderboards”. In the future, Enderr may have other rewards for you guys....


    Finally, all of the maps have been updated. A more detailed list of changes provided by @Taggrin can be found below.

    Hope to see you in game.

    - Arsenic

    • Added an improved version of Dynamic Spawning.
    • Added Clan Reward Vendor.
    • Added Clan Reward Animation.
    • Added Clan Leaderboard, in the Clan app
    • Added Private Message Command alias 'w'.
    • Added Wardog spawn sound.
    • Added Wardog glow effect, seen by the owner only.
    • Added Loadout Classes Inventory border.
    • Changed the difficulty of the Microgame
    • Changed MCstrike’s hub scoreboard to include the player's clan.
    • Changed MCstrike’s game server inventory colours.
    • Removed Noxpad open sound.
    • Prevented Minecarts from been destroyed.
    • Removed Clan name from clan chat.
    • Fixed gameshow loot that were not working as intended
    • Fixed double lootbags from claiming a vote.
    • Fixed Toybox Toy uses not been saved after use.
    • Fixed Clans total points not been shown.
    • Fixed Y location hitting low limit when in an “underground” spawn.
    • Fixed loadout in the Chinook due to gun reloading whilst a game ended.
    • Fixed Claymore placement on lilypads.
    • Fixed Wardog AI.
    • Fixed resource pack issues
    • Fixed Loadout equip sound been played when clicking the border of a loadout inventory.
    • Fixed Clans total points not been shown.
    • Fixed crashing bug when attempting to open a lootbag ingame in a certain situation.
    • Fixed pre-game player movement for late joining players.
    • Fixed not losing a killstreak when you die not to the hand of a player.
    • Fixed Afk timing issues.

    MCStrike Hub
    • There are a lot more areas to be discovered
    • The parkour can no longer be cheated
    • Improved skybox

    All Maps
    • Added 1.12 blocks
    • Improved vehicles

    • The entire map has been reskinned
    • Improved skybox
    • Building entries have been made bigger
    • Removed double doors
    • Added additional lane
    • Reworked barriers

    • Made wall materials less noisy to match with other Strike maps

    • Fixed players getting stuck in tanks

    • Removed unfair sniper spot
    • The railing in the library is a little bit more explosive resistant
    • Removed a door that was still standing since last map update
    • Opened up a new walkway

    • Fixed players getting on ledges they were not supposed to
    • The roof of the main building has been lowered and has less cover to reduce its dominance

    • Removed unfair sniper spot
    • Fixed players getting stuck in between iron bars
    • The dome is been finally washed so is white coloured again
    • Decreased the size of the open area in the map to balance gameplay
    • Added some desert shrubbery to the skybox

    • Removed various iron doors that messed up gameplay
    • The school bus has an improved model

    Firing Range
    • Small changes to skybox
    • Changed the camper van

    • Replaced wool in walls due to 1.12 colour change
    • Fixed players being able to get out of the map using shotgun recoil

    • Made wall materials less noisy to match with other Strike maps

    • Replaced wool in walls due to 1.12 colour change
    • Raised the ship a bit more out of the water for a more realistic look
    • Reworked barriers

    • Fixed various spots players could get stuck with speedjolt
    • Removed unfair sniping spot

    Crash, Broadcast, Vacant, Museum, Highrise, Dedust, Construction:
    • Added small material fixes
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Arsenic, Oct 1, 2017.

    1. OfficerWolf
      Will there be any player leaderboard?? And great job on the update arsenic!! Keep up the good work!!!
    2. Freeman8472
      Really like all of the new update. But there are a few bugs/changes you introduced but didn't mention in the patchnotes :p
      the Wetwork void of/after death
      Unnessecary dog sounds when dying
      removed all doors

      But great work all in all!
    3. Arsenic
      Thanks! I'm glad that you and others are enjoying it so much

      We are aware of the Void bug and looking into what is going on. Please do report the other bugs, and any others you come across in the bugs section so it's easier to keep track of and others can reply providing more information if needed

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