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By _Crafty on Jun 21, 2017 at 6:58 PM
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    Hey guys,
    The day has finally come, today we launch the Beta for clans. Clans has been a long requested feature to return and we wanted to make it really special this time! We have taken the feedback of clans and really tried to implement the requests as best we could, along with some other new features.

    Clan Beta
    We have decided to have a beta for the first few weeks. This allows us to see how the economy actually forms and re-balance on full release. Within the beta we will only have the foundations of the system, which feature almost the same features of the old system. This includes clan creation, managing of members and a basic scoreboard.

    In a few weeks time we will do a full release, with the new features. We will also release the dynamic spawning and a couple other nice features. This will be a rather large update, hence the long time since the last update post. We have made changes and fixed bugs since the last noted large update, these will be listed in the next update post!

    How big can clans be? 20 members.

    Will there be clan tags? Yes, you can buy them and other features on full release.

    How will the leaderboards work? We will be resetting the leaderboards periodically. Each time we will award players based on clan position and also that seasons contribution.

    How much will clans cost? Currently we have set the price at 10000 coins.

    Will we be able to manage offline players? Yes, if a player is offline you can kick, promote or demote them still.

    Will we be able to share coins? No, there will be no feature to share coins, there will be a clan vault which members can deposit coins into that only the owner can spend on clan related items.

    Will there be a required level before joining a clan? We currently do not have a set level to join. Previously it was at level 10, this can always be a re-implemented feature if you guys overwhelmingly wish for that.

    Have any other questions ask us bellow and we will get back to you.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by _Crafty, Jun 21, 2017.

    1. Ninja
      Are you able to tell us how the amount of clan points earned it decided. I went 6-0 and got 64 then 35-5 and got 8 then 1-0 and got -11??
    2. _Crafty
      The calculation is to be changed during the beta phase it is not final. As we have noticed there has been some issues with the current one and have already put together another which will be tried out soon.

      No matter how the calculation works you should always get positive clan points and should never get them deducted, That is what the seasons are for.

      We also can't tell you how the points are calculated and what effects them because it would cause unfair advantage on others that don't know. It would also effect how games are played for example if the calculation was to give more points for someone who gets one kill and then goes and hides for the rest of the game then no one would be running around.

      There is also the possibility that in the future we may change the calculation to balance it for a more fair experience for everyone.
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    3. Freeman8472
      I think there should be a feature to send coins anyways (also between two individual players). I'm quite disappointet that this isn't even possible with the clans.
      I would love to bet with my brother who better in a match and be able to pay with ingame currency.

      Just my thoughts

      And a question: If I pay the 10k Coins now, will I recieve them back when the beta phase is over? Or are the clans, once created in the beta phase, gonna stay?
    4. _Crafty
      Right now the plan is to keep the clans created in the beta. If that changes then yes the money would be returned.

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