Mcstrike Map Pack #3: Infiltration, Annihilation!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Arsenic, Mar 28, 2017.

By Arsenic on Mar 28, 2017 at 9:44 PM
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    MCStrike Map Pack #3: Infiltration, Annihilation!


    Good day soldiers,

    We have just received some fresh intel about 4 new operations! We need you to go infiltrate and take back control of some new high risk areas, and maybe even eliminate anyone you intercept there. This may be the hardest set of operations so far but we believe that you will pull through. There have also been some adjustments to current on-going missions, like last time.

    If any soldier has information on new operations, you can post them in the Map Submissions section of the forums HERE. Good luck!

    Introducing a new mission, Mirage
    This is the first of the brand new missions. You land in a desert town and need to quickly get the situation under control again. The enemy are trying take control of the town too for their own reasons, but you cannot allow that to happen. Get in there soldier and become victorious!

    Making a splash, on Wetwork
    Introducing the second of our new missions. This is a recreation of a well known map but has been modified to suit the server. Set on a large tanker crossing the ocean, it has lots of up close quarters and long range areas to encourage all classes to dominate different parts of the ship. It is our first fully night time map and should hopefully bring a different style of play. Just make sure to bring your swimming costume and night vision goggles!

    Scared of heights? Lets hope you can brave Highrise
    The situation in this area has started to deteriorate again, this requires you soldier to return to fight on the rooftops of a bustling city. Rush through the building and do not get caught admiring the new buildings that have been built since it was an operation last. Just be careful not to fall off!

    Building up to become an issue, Hardhat
    The final new mission in this mappack, and it's a classic. Enjoy scampering through a building site to annihilate the enemies. Just make sure nothing falls on you.

    Other small changes to maps
    - Default Minecraft trees in skybox have been replaced by better looking custom trees
    - Barriers have been improved, allowing better options for grenades

    - Top floor of team buildings have been altered to allow more dynamic gameplay
    - Extra building has been opened to provide an additional lane with more cover

    - Some areas have been restricted to encourage different flows
    - The pesky anti air truck blocking a lane in the center of the map has been slightly moved

    - Barriers have been improved, allowing better options for grenades

    - Filled in the hole in the floor

    - Arsenic
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Arsenic, Mar 28, 2017.

    1. Chester
      I thought maps were supposed to be original to Strike, Hardhat can be seen on another gun server as well. If you have inquiries about this, DM me.
    2. onbekendeaap
      I love the update <3
    3. Ninja
      The maps are based off other games such as csgo and cod often but are made specifically for the server by the community and our builders, hardhat was made for the original strike. Do you mean there is another recreation of hardhat or are you saying it has been copied from this. I assure you all strike maps are made by us and the community but you cant expect other (not as good) versions of maps like DeDust and mirage not to be out there.
    4. Hibou
      So glad to see Highrise and Hardhat return!

      I'm especially excited to see how Mirage plays out, since it's from CSGO.
    5. OfficerWolf
      These maps are the maps i've wanted for a long time :D
      THANK YOU!!! :D BUT Wetwork is kinda weird looking... just saying
    6. Freeman8472
      Just wanted to point out that the gameplay on Mirage is very slow, especially with fewer players. You often run out of stamina (hunger), maybe is the map a bit too big?
      I never played with 16 players, and maybe it will get better if everyone knows the map better, we'll see. :D
    7. Chester
      It's the exact same map on another gun server. I won't mention the IP here, but it's the exact same.
    8. Pandazande
      Hmm, could you maybe forward the IP to an admin or builder so that they can go and investigate? We try to base our maps here to be completely original to Strike, so it probably was an unintentional thing to have it on two servers. Could've been a coincidence that the builder who made the map submitted it to another forum too and it got accepted there. Thanks for pointing it out though. :)
    9. Chester
      No problem. I used to play on the server, and I couldn't help but notice the map was the same.
    10. Arsenic
      Maps on the server are not necessarily original to MCStrike, although the majority are. Hardhat is a community submission by @ELWORRIER. The map was submitted a while back and a version of the map can be found on the Minecraft forums. What you will notice is that we have updated it somewhat with new blocks and changed/added other elements since it was submitted.
    11. Taggrin
      I made the map around the same size as most of our other maps. The map has a slightly different lane system than most maps, but that still shouldn't be an issue. Gameplay always feels a bit slow with fewer people (except Shipment).
    12. haoZa
      This isn't the only case. On servers such as "brawl" they had the same strikezone as the old server. This is because, like arsenic said, the submissions are to a global forum such as minecraftforums so more than one server can add that map.
    13. Chester
      Thanks. The issue has been cleared up, however.

      p.s. look at my m249 thread. it helps to have feedback.
      i play on 3 gun servers and cache is 1:1 same map xD
    15. Ninja
      Well I can assure you Taggrin made it himself, there both based off the same map and likely to be very similar but the version played on strike was made by taggrin solely for strike.
      Wow, this server is still alive. :D Nice maps, Highrise and Mirage are good looking. The Wetwork Ship looks to low in my opinion.

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